3 Tiny Fitness Changes That Work

by Grace McCalmon


3 Tiny Fitness Changes That Work

by Grace McCalmon

carparkWritten by Jeff Bogle, of Out With the Kids

After too many years of fast food value meals, baker’s dozens of chocolate-frosted cake donuts (my arch nemesis), and more cans of soda than I care to admit, making the effort to regain control of my health and change my relationship with food has, at times, seemed a daunting task.

In the early days of struggle – before our bellies shrink and learn to expect less, and before our bodies become accustomed to the strain of working muscles – lofty weight loss goals can often seem utterly unattainable.

Focusing on the little things you can do every day to get healthy can help you stay motivated.

The truth is, it took me decades to finally lock into an exercise regimen that, 1) worked to shed pounds, and 2) was something I looked forward to doing every day. It took even longer to get “smarty” with my vitamins and control my portions at mealtime. But a key to my success was and is thinking small; not just with goals, but also with actions. Here are three little steps you can take today, towards a healthier tomorrow.

1. A Half Empty Cup is Always Half Full

I’m water’s #1 fan, and, as such, I probably drink nearly a gallon a day, but I will rarely ever fill up my entire glass. Instead, I force myself to get up and walk the 20-30 feet to the kitchen for one or two sips. I don’t wear a FitBit or pedometer, but I am sure my repeated treks back and forth to fetch a sip of water are helping to counteract my daily sedentary computer activity.

2. So Far, But So Very Close

When you cruise over to Target or head to the grocery store, park your car far away from the entrance. Not only will you be less likely to suffer a ding or a scratch from a careless driver, you’ll also get in extra steps doing something that won’t even feel like exercise. And think of all the time you’ll save driving around looking for a spot!

3. A Doggie Bag and a Dinner Plate

When you place your order at a restaurant, ask for a to-go container. Then, when you get your food, you can immediately put away half for lunch the next day. You can also ask the server to box half up before your foods arrives and give it to you after the check. This small out-of-sight-out-of-mind portion control is a simple, easy way to get one step closer to your goals.


Know anyone who might think getting fit entails hours at the gym and a total kitchen overhaul? Share this with them!

What are your favorite tips and tricks for staying fit? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Posted on August 31, 2015

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Grace McCalmon

Grace is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a graduate of Duke University. She received her nutrition certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association, and her training is based on the work of Dr. Weston A Price, as well as the latest peer-reviewed, scientific research.