4 Reasons why your family could use a multivitamin

by Grace McCalmon

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By Dai Manuel

If you were to quiz most people about their overall health, they'd probably tell you they're healthy enough. You may feel that not eating a pie, or the two-mile hike on your child’s field trip, or the fact that you eat a salad every day for lunch, are enough to be considered fit and healthy.

While these are all good decisions, they’re not quite enough to get your body’s nutrient levels where they need to be.

For the average person, it’s nearly impossible to meet the recommended requirements. Even those who make a conscious effort to eat correctly are probably not getting all they need.

Below are a few common reasons why your health and nutrition could be in worse shape than you might think.

Even for the most organized people, there are days when there just isn’t enough time to get done what you want or need to get done. Back in the day when full-time, stay-at-home moms were more commonplace, proper meals were a part of her ‘job’, and balanced meals were a given.

With more and more dual income households, this is a rarity in today’s world.
Getting proper nutrition to every member of the family according to their different schedules is a daunting task.

Because of this, nutritional requirements are regularly not met, leaving your family running on less vitamins and nutrients than their body needs. Fast food plays a huge role in this, as its convenience on those busy days has given way to an epidemic of obesity in the US.

With a rushed pace and hurried schedules comes the easy slide to the couch or lounger for a ‘rest’. Unfortunately, just because you think you’re relaxing, doesn’t mean you’re actually resting.

TV, video games, and computers have interrupted the proper rest needed for your body to recover and restore itself. The constant visual and audio stimuli does not allow the brain to relax. Instead, you are in a state of half-rest, with your body unable to restore itself, often leaving you feeling more tired and exhausted than before.

Not only that, but when you’re lounging and being sedentary in front of the TV, you’re likely also snacking. This troublesome combination of downtime has actually reached epidemic proportions – so much so that the Federal Government and even some product developers are running commercials to encourage today’s youth to get up and go outside.

The sedentary life is causing havoc for your body’s ability to restore and repair itself, and it also impacts your heart. Plus, it decreases your amount of oxygen intake and the ability to disperse it throughout your body – basically starving your cells that need that oxygen. That tired feeling could also be an iron deficiency – which just adds to the problem.

More and more people are reaching for pills to try to ‘turn off the day’ and get some quality sleep. Poor sleep effects the body greatly: Concentration, reaction time, memory, energy, and mood are all impacted by lack of sleep. Your body cannot begin to repair the daily damage done if you do not get proper amounts of sleep.

The combination of today’s chaotic lifestyle and improper nutrition can also lead to illness. Everything from the flu to other serious diseases can take hold of a body that is not getting its nutritional needs met.

Even for the most health conscious person, a lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients can compromise your immune system and leave you open to anything that makes its way in. Your immune system relies on specific nutrients to stay strong and fight off these diseases – it is weakened when they are not there.

All of these threats to your health can be helped with proper levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They call them essential vitamins and minerals for a reason – they are essential to allow your body to function properly.

The best course is to slow down, balance your meals, and exercise – but even being diligent in these three areas is no guarantee you are getting everything your body needs. The best way to assure you and your family are getting what your body needs is through supplementation.

There are multivitamins that can cover just about all possible deficiencies – especially age-specific types:

  • For mom and/or dad, there are age appropriate multivitamins that have higher levels of calcium and iron.
  • For growing kids, there are multivitamins packed with vitamins, especially D, that are needed for healthy growth.
  • For grandma and/or grandpa, there are vitamins with higher calcium, vitamin D and Omega 3s to combat bone health and joint issues.

After a few weeks of incorporating multivitamins such as SmartyPants All-in-One Adults or Kids formulas into your family routine, you may experience increased energy, better sleep, decreased junk food cravings, fewer aches and pains, and a lowered susceptibility to illness.

Knowing your family is getting a complete nutritional boost is as important as all other areas of proper health. If you are unsure which product to start with, check with your physician or pharmacist.

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About the Author: Dai Manuel


Dai Manuel is a Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Professional Blogger, Social Media Strategist, Brand Architect, CrossFit Athlete & Coach, and soon to be published Author of the “WholeLife Fitness Manifesto”. As a fitness retail entrepreneur, personal trainer, motivational speaker and all-around life enhancer, Dai Manuel has helped thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals through education, inspiration, and training. His wildly popular online exercise programs and online community have allowed him to share the idea that a sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone. You can check him out at www.daimanuel.com – as well as connect and interact with him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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Posted on June 11, 2015

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Grace McCalmon

Grace is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a graduate of Duke University. She received her nutrition certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association, and her training is based on the work of Dr. Weston A Price, as well as the latest peer-reviewed, scientific research.