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6 of The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit Alternatives

by Elizabeth Plumptre

It may be odd reading 'non-alcoholic and spirits' in the same sentence, but it is 100% possible to enjoy spirits with zero alcohol present.

Whether you're looking for a healthier alternative to alcohol, taking a break from drinking, or are simply curious to know what alcohol-free spirit tastes like — there are a number of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from: whether gin, vodka, whiskey, or beer.

We’ll be selecting our picks for the best non-alcoholic spirits, but first — a quick explainer on just what non-alcoholic spirits mean.

What are non-alcoholic spirits?

Non-alcoholic spirits are an alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks. However, while alcohol is made of ethanol, non-alcoholic drinks are produced using essences and aromas similar to alcohol to achieve its distinct taste and smell. These features are achieved using processes like distillation and maceration i.e soaking the source of the intended flavor in a cold liquid.

Non-alcoholic spirits are growing in popularity with more and more options available to make zero-proof (alcohol-free) cocktails, or if you simply want to wind down with your choice of a non-alcoholic beverage.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite non-alcoholic spirits and to make things more fun, we added quick cocktail recipes you can try with them.

Ritual Zero-Proof Gin Alternative

This drink promises a flavor-filled experience with top notes of English cucumber and juniper. Because gin gets a little lonely when taken alone, feel free to enjoy your Ritual Gin alternative with juice, soda, or a tonic.

And speaking of tonics, if you’re looking to have a quiet, or not-so-quiet night in, here’s a great non-alcoholic gin and tonic recipe you can try. 

BrewDog Nanny State Alcohol-Free Beer

Alcohol-free beer has been around for a minute. It achieves the distinct beer taste by starting life out as actual beer, only to have the alcoholic content stripped off by heat.

Reach for the BrewDog Nanny State beer if you’re craving a cold one but have designated driver duties to tend to. It’s also a great option if you’re simply in the mood to kick back and enjoy a beer.

Seedlip Grove 42 Non-Alcoholic Whiskey 

A glass of the Seedlip Grove 42 contains hints of Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, lemongrass, and ginger. This produces a good balance of sweet and spicy. Get the most of your non-alcoholic whiskey using this quick and easy highball recipe.

Fre Alcohol-Removed Moscato

For celebratory events, popping out a bottle of this alcohol-free Moscato can help to replicate the bubbly feel of alcohol, without, of course, the buzz or hangover that follows.

This non-alcoholic wine opens with the aroma of rose petals and peaches. You can enjoy it with spicy and flavorful meals, or as an accompaniment to cheese and fruit desserts.

Ritual Tequila Alternative 

Alcohol-free tequila never tasted so good, or calorie-free! This tequila is made for mixed drinks, with a special role to play in crafting margaritas. Invite friends over and impress them with your cocktail-making skills using this spicy margarita recipe.


Stock up your bar with this non-alcoholic vodka variant. This beverage was developed as a non-alcoholic aperitif and is filled with the combined flavors of saffron, iris, angelica, vanilla, and others. These flavors help to produce a bittersweet taste, while its texture is courtesy of voodoo lily and acacia gum.

Take some time to try out this Mountain Fizz recipe using your non-alcoholic vodka.



Non-alcoholic spirits are a great and flavorful addition to your sober bar, or may simply be enjoyed as a change from alcoholic spirits. Enjoy them in mixed drinks or as a solo beverage.

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