7 Awesomely Original Push Presents

by Grace McCalmon


7 Awesomely Original Push Presents

by Grace McCalmon

original push presents

If you’re reading this and you have no idea what a push present is, you’re not alone. I didn’t until about a week ago when a very cool dad informed me there was such a thing. So in case you don’t have your finger on the pulse of pregnancy pop culture, a push present as defined as: a present from a father to a mother acknowledging her amazing accomplishment in giving birth to their child.

The Push presents that have gotten the most recent press have been a 10 carat diamond ring given to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and a Bently received by Real Housewife of Orange County, Peggy Tanous. But those are a tad expected, no?

Here we have 7 push presents that will put you in the running for Most Creative Dad of The Year.

The first couple months postpartum can be pretty physically taxing and both you and your partner will certainly need to take a load off. But rather than give your old lady a gift that makes her feel like one, try a super stylish chair that rocks. Your new baby will love the soothing motion and you will love how hip you look sitting in it.

NEW SHOES – Dave Lesser, Amateur Idiot, Professional Dad
“My wife’s shoe size changed, so maybe her favorite shoes in a new size.” Indeed, this is one of those things they don’t tell you about pregnancy, and it’s not just hormonal feet swelling. Having a baby can permanently change the size and shape of your foot, which can be very upsetting for a women who prizes her shoe collection. So take note of the pairs your lady loves and start Googling.

Selfies are hard enough when you’re not juggling a baby in the other hand. Get your gal a selife stick so she can get the perfect pic without having to stage a photo shoot. Ain’t no body got time for that!

SCRUB THE TUB – Daniel De Guia, Fit to Be Dad
There’s nothing worse than psyching yourself up for a nice relaxing soak only to find the floor of your tub covered in footprints. Well, nothing except then having to clean them. Make sure your bath is spic and span whenever mom wants to take a dip. For extra brownie points, pick up some magnesium bath salts, which will help ease sore muscles.

What push present list would be complete without these ladies? Good news: they’re on tour. Get your tickets here!

6-PACK OF GUINNESS – Dave Lesser, Amateur Idiot, Professional Dad
“Because that’s what I would want after 9 months of not drinking and I’ve heard it’s good for lactation.” LOL. We couldn’t agree more, but maybe pick up some breast milk test strips while you’re at it, in case you need to pump and dump.

CLASSIC COUPONS – Dai “Coach Moose” Manuel
Bring back the go-to, “forgot-it-was-mother’s-day” gift from your youth. There’s no woman who doesn’t like breakfast in bed or to come home and find freshly vacuumed carpet tracks.

Of course there’s no need to buy an actual gift, just putting a little extra thought into doing things that are needed and appreciated will go a long way says De Guia, and from a woman’s point of view, I agree. When in doubt, there are two words that are better than any beer, bath or Bently: allow me.


Know any moms who are expecting and dads who have no clue? Share this with them!

What about you? Did you “buy in” to the push present trend, or do you think the whole thing is bogus? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Posted on June 5, 2015

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Grace McCalmon

Grace is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a graduate of Duke University. She received her nutrition certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association, and her training is based on the work of Dr. Weston A Price, as well as the latest peer-reviewed, scientific research.