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Ashley Benson dishes on why she loves being a 'weird dog mom'

by Caroline Fontein


Ashley Benson dishes on why she loves being a ‘weird dog mom’

by Caroline Fontein

Ashley Benson isn’t just an actress, model and our favorite star from the teen mystery thriller TV series, “Pretty Little Liars.” She’s also the proud pet parent of two totally adorable pups, Olive, a Shih tzu Maltese, and Walter Gene, a Brussels Griffon.

Despite her on-the-go lifestyle paired with long days on set (she just finished filming a new drama, “Her Smell,” that will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in Sept.), Benson manages to find balance (and some stress relief) thanks to the help of her lovable four-legged companions.

SmartyPants teamed up with Benson to officially launch our new multivitamin supplements for dogs – SmartyPaws! After filming wrapped on our new commercial, we got a chance to catch up with Benson to talk health tips, shopping for her dogs and her favorite thing about being a dog mom.

Q & A with Ashley Benson

Q. What do you do to keep yourself along with Olive and Walter Gene happy and healthy when you’re always on the go?

A. For me, it’s about getting a lot of sleep and making healthy eating a habit because I love junk food. So, I try to get a lot of greens in and try to get a little workout in to keep myself going and to relieve stress. With Walter and Olive, I make sure they’re going on walks and make sure they get the right nutrition which is why SmartyPaws is amazing. I can give them an all-in-one supplement everyday that they love, that tastes good and that keeps them healthy and strong.

Q. Dogs can be the best companions. What have your pups added to your life apart from being totally adorable?

A. My dogs have added so much to my life, just making me happy at all times. They can always put me in a better move. It’s just nice to come home to them and to always be loved by my dogs.

Q. My dog LOVES to play fetch. So, we have a special routine that includes a daily game and lots of running. What special routines do you have with Olive and Walter Gene?

A. They don’t really like toys that much which is really weird, but they love to chase me around the yard. So, if I’m in LA I just run around with them. In the house, Olive loves to slide on the hardwood floor. So, I’ll sit on the ground, and she’ll just be running so fast that she’ll slide and dive in my lap, and it’s really sweet.

Q. I’ve read that your dogs also help you with managing anxiety. How have they been able to help?

A. If I’m getting anxious or have a lot of anxiety due to a stressful work schedule or long days on the set, it’s really nice to come home to them. I feel like they can always sense that I’m a little anxious, and they always come crawling up to me. I get to hold them, and we’ll watch TV. It’s very nice to have my dogs with me when I’m feeling anxious. They definitely help a lot.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about being a pet parent?

A. I love to buy them clothes! I love to take them on walks. I love taking them on car rides with their little heads out the window. They’re so sweet. I treat them like my children. So, loving them, dressing them up, even though they hate it. Just being that weird dog mom [laughs].

Check out some behind-the-scenes snaps on set with Benson.


Posted on August 27, 2018

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