Women in black workout outfits, jumping on mini trampolines. They are all in the air with their knees bent. They are outside in a desert environment with some hills in the background.

Everything You Need to Know About the Rebounding Trampolines Exploding on Instagram

by Rebecca Norris

Looking for new ways to get your body moving in 2021? According to social media and the latest trendy boutique fitness classes, a great way to bounce into the new year is on a rebounder. Never heard of it? We chatted with a couple of fitness pros for the 411 on the buzzy new workout trend. 

What is a rebounder?

According to Kayla Jeter —one of the newest coaches to join WW’s new program, Digital 360 —rebounders are compact, portable fitness equipment designed for aerobic activity. While these mini trampolines aren’t necessarily new to the world of fitness—as they used to be used frequently in the 80s and 90s—they’ve gotten a bit of an upgrade over the years thanks to brands like Bellicon. Now, rebounder-users can choose everything from the shape of their mini trampoline to the colors of the bungees and cords that hold it together. 


Woman in hot pink workout top and pants, working out on a trampoline. Her arms are straight on the edge of the mini trampoline and legs are up in the air. She is outside in front of a pink, black and white mural.

Photo: @belliconusa


Rebounders vs. Traditional Trampolines

The biggest difference between rebounders and traditional trampolines is the size. That, and the fact that rebounders—so long as their legs come off and fold up—are portable. Beyond that, Lauren Kleban, the founder of LA-based fitness and wellness brand LEKFIT, says that rebounders are designed to offer “controlled and concentrated jumping intended for fitness use,” which isn’t the case for regular backyard trampolines.  

The Benefits of Rebounder Workouts

You might think that jumping up and down repeatedly would prove to be tough on your joints but, according to Kleban, rebounding is actually a zero-impact activity that is twice as effective as running. “It builds endurance, boosts lymphatic drainage, and improves balance, full-body muscle tone, and digestion—just to name a few!” she exclaims, noting that it's a great workout for anybody at any age. Best of all, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes of daily jumping to start seeing results!

What to Look for in a Rebounder

When looking for a rebounder, it’s important to keep quality top of mind. While you can absolutely find mini trampolines for less than $50, Kleban says you want to ensure the one you choose is portable and durable—which often makes it ring up at a higher price. 

Beyond quality, Jeter says that it’s worthwhile to look for a rebounder with handlebars—like those offered at Bellicon—as they will help you learn the lay of the rebounding land before jumping solo. 

What’s more, Jeter says to always check the tension and weight limit, after all, you’ll be jumping with all your weight. “Rebounders have different types of tension that influence bounce and stability,” she explains. Where elastic bungee cords (typical of Bellicon and LEKFIT rebounders) offer ample bounce and absorb the most shock, Jeter says that metal springs and coils (most found in cheaper rebounder options) offer medium bounce and are often louder due to their ability to get rusty. 

As for weight, just be sure that the rebounder you choose can withstand at least 20 pounds more than your body weight to ensure it won’t snap while bouncing.

Get Ready to Bounce

Now that you know the benefits of rebounding, you may be ready to jump feet first into the fitness trend. Unlike some buzzy workouts that look appealing at first but quickly grow unsustainable over time, Kleban says that rebounding is an easy element to maintain in your routine, as it’s fun and easy on the joints. “This method is something you can carry with you through the years, without running into burnout or fatigue,” she shares. Plus, there are so many rebounder workout videos—both on LEKFIT and on YouTube—to follow along with once you get set up.

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