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Here's Why You Need a Workcation - And Easy Tips to Make It Great

by Iris Goldsztajn

After the year we’ve had, and now that it’s finally summer, we all need (and deserve!) a break. Sometimes, though, work is just too busy and we can’t justify taking a week off just yet — though you should definitely take that vacation as soon as you’re able to. If that’s your situation right now, we have some great news for you: You can totally do both! Introducing the workcation, which means you’ll still be working, just in a fun new location for a day, a week, a month… whatever works. And you don’t even have to go far to enjoy a change of scene.

What is a Workcation?

A workcation is like a vacation in that you go somewhere different, be it a faraway destination or just a different neighborhood. Unlike a vacation, you don’t spend your days just relaxing, you still do your job during the day (if you can work remotely), but you can use your lunchtime and evenings to really make the most of your new environment. As for the working part, you might notice that being in a beautiful — and novel — place while you answer those pesky emails will make you feel a lot more relaxed, and even more productive. It could be just the change of scene you need to feel the wind in your sails again. Does that sound good? Keep reading for some advice on planning the perfect workcation.

Taking a Workcation Locally

Obviously, flights and accommodation are expensive, and it might just not be an expense you can shoulder right now. Don’t worry! That definitely doesn’t mean you can’t take a workcation. When was the last time you explored your local area? Chances are there are many amazing places you could trek over to, laptop and headphones in tow. Think cool coffee shops in trendy areas — do you live near any of these gems? Museum and library cafés are also amazing places to work from, thanks to the studious atmosphere, and likely access to great wifi and outlets. If your laptop battery is pretty sturdy and you can use mobile hotspot or city wifi, you could also work from a park or beach while taking in some rays (just don’t forget the sunscreen!). Don’t want to spend a lot of money? A welcoming friend’s house makes another fantastic home office away from home — you could make lunch together and enjoy a little happy hour chat once you both log off.

Taking a Workcation Far From Home

If you’re able to get away from your local area for a workcation, that’s great too! Try to pick somewhere that you’ve either visited before, or that have too many attractions you’re interested in, so that you won’t feel like you’re missing out on some great tourism while you’re on that video call. If you’re heading to a more rural or remote area, make sure to check beforehand that you’ll have plenty of access to wifi, power and makeshift desks, either in your accommodation or in local coffee shops and other venues. If you’re more of a city break type of workcationer, we hear these cities are ideal to work in for a few days — Miami Beach, anyone? Cities can make wonderful settings for a workcation, especially if you’ve visited the main attractions there before, because there will be places to work in galore, and you’ll be able to enjoy the best of the local cuisine and cultural events once you log off as well. The ideal workcation.

Whether you’re heading out solo or with an exploration buddy, a workcation may just be the break you need while you’re busy with work and can’t justify a full vacation. It’s the best of both worlds: You get to take yourself to a beautiful new place while still keeping on top of that to-do list. We call that a win.

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