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How to Have Yourself a Babymoon Staycation

by Rebecca Norris

Once upon a time, babymoons were the ultimate way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a child. Like a honeymoon, babymoons are filled with love, relaxation, delicious food, and, more often than not, take place at a destination. While renting a cabin or individual beach hut could technically be within social distancing guidelines, it’s not within budgets for everyday folks. Because of this, we thought it’d be helpful to share five fun tips for creating the ultimate staycation babymoon during a time when traveling can feel too uncertain. Check them out, below!

Put your regular household chores on the backburner. 

The trickiest part about creating a babymoon experience at home is that all your regular household chores are right there in front of your face. Because of this, we recommend getting a sleep-away sitter for your pets or kids, as well as putting thoughts of cleaning and yard work toward the back of your mind. Remember: This babymoon is your time to bask in the magic of your upcoming little one and to honor your body for all that it can do. So say it with us now: The dishes can wait. 

Prioritize self-care. 

With less time dedicated to household chores, you’ll have more time to focus on your partner and yourself. Depending on what you fancy, a little self-care could look like in-home partner massages, indulging in face masks, catching up on sleep, or feeling 100% not guilty about shacking up on the couch to watch your favorite series all day long. 

Enjoy a tasty (alcohol-free) beverage. 

One of the greatest things about going to a beach resort or other babymoon destination is the fact that a professional bartender is on hand at all times. Now, before you go chastising us for recommending alcohol while pregnant, what we really mean is that these bartenders have a way with juices and garnishes, giving them the ability to create virgin beverages that are almost as good as, if not even better than, their spike counterparts. But newsflash: You don’t need a bartender to enjoy a delicious cocktail replacement. Instead, stock your fridge with Avec or Sunwink. Where Avec is a carbonated mixer that can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, Sunwink is a sparkling adaptogenic beverage that uses the power of herbs to promote wellness from within. Though, keep in mind that, like many things while carrying, you should consult your doctor before drinking herbs while pregnant. 

Order your favorite foods.

Just because you can’t (or don’t want to) travel for your babymoon doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy delicious foods from some of your favorite restaurants. Whether that means making the most of Seamless, GrubHub, Slice, and UberEats to get carryout from your local go-tos, or ordering ahead through Goldbelly, you have options. And, fun fact, if you take the Goldbelly route, you can order cult-fave dishes from some of the country’s most iconic restaurants, including Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh, Magnolia Bakery in NYC, Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, and more. 

Get lost in a travel-inspired movie marathon.

Last but not least, television is a wonderful thing. While travel might not be possible right now, allowing your senses to travel absolutely is. With this in mind, pick out your favorite films and TV shows and consider making a destination-inspired at-home babymoon of it. You could even cater your food choices to what you’re watching so you can really feel like you’re getting away. 


Above all else, know that, even at home, you can create a memorable experience ahead of your little one’s arrival. In the meantime, congratulations from us to you!

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