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Smarter Asks Questions: Q & A with Hannah Simone

by Caroline Fontein


Smarter Asks Questions: Q & A with Hannah Simone

by Caroline Fontein

What does Hanna Simone, one super-talented and totally adorable actress, wife and new mother of one have to do with the smarter approach to healthier? It all goes back to our core values.

I mean, who didn’t love the Britain-born, Canadian actress, television host, former VJ and model as Cece in the Fox sitcom, “New Girl?” But that’s not the only reason SmartyPants decided to partner up with her for our new Smarter Asks Questions animated series. (Did we mention she also loves our gummies?)

Insider Tip: Simone’s favorite gummies are our Women’s Complete. She was already a huge fan and took them even before we started working with her. Yay!

What many people probably don’t know is that just like us, and our work with Vitamin Angels, Simone has a passion for helping others. She volunteered with the United Nations where she worked with children as a human rights officer. And anyone who follows her on twitter (@HannahSimone) knows she has something to say when it comes to helping children and families in need. So, when it came to this partnership, it was a no brainer (just like taking our vitamins).

“If I have to speak on a brand, I want to speak on a brand that executes social responsibility,” said Simone. “The fact that SmartyPants understands that not everybody has financial resources and access to vitamins, so they help bridge that gap, and pay it forward to help those communities, is wonderful.”

We had a chance to sit down with Simone and discuss everything from her love for all-in-one vitamins to her tips for staying healthy and why helping others is so important to her.

Q. We’re really excited about working with you. What interested you in partnering up with SmartyPants?

A. I was so excited about the project because so many people have questions about vitamins. I had a lot of questions. Do they work? Are they effective? Which ones? Which ones are right for me? So, I was so excited when [the makers of SmartyPants] said that they were making these educational animated videos to let people know what their company did.  The more I learned more about the company, I was amazed. It’s such an authentic transparent company that sources the best ingredients and makes sure that every age and stage of life is addressed… It’s been really wonderful and educational for me.

Q. What is it like when you start working with a new company?

A. It’s exciting for me but also sometimes feels a bit scary when you use a brand and get to peak behind the curtain and see how a company really operates. This has been such a wonderful experience for me because I took SmartyPants prior to my partnership. So when I got this opportunity, I was like, oh please. I hope they’re not going to be like, don’t talk about these things or we don’t focus on that as much. The level of transparency in the company, about their ingredients, and the fact that they evolve their formulas as they get access to better and better ingredients, it’s an amazing thing to me. I’m really proud to partner with them.

Q. What do you like most about our gummies?

A. I like that it’s a very easy no brainer thing that I can do for my health. I used to have 10 vitamins that I was taking every morning, and who knows to be honest with you if they were really working, if they were everything that I needed to take. But they’ve done all of the heavy lifting and all of the work. They’ve acquired all of the best science and research to make it an all-in-one vitamin. That’s incredible! You just have to take one thing, and you’re fully covered. And you know that whatever you’re eating that day, you’ve got something that’s the safety net to fill in all your nutritional gaps. That’s such peace of mind that you get from the product.

SmartyPants Gummy Multivitamins

Q. Along with making the best supplements, you probably know that another one of our goals is to bring good health to everyone, something we do through our partnership with Vitamin Angels. You also have a passion for helping others. Why is this important to you? How did our work with Vitamin Angels influence your partnership with SmartyPants?

A. I feel like SmartyPants gets this. You have an opportunity with your brand to have a platform,  and you can use that platform to speak on whatever you care about. For me, I have a background working in the human rights world. So, when all of a sudden, my passion, which was acting, gave me this huge platform, I wanted to use it in a way that was socially responsible – whether it’s talking about uniting children with their parents or something like this.

If I have to speak on a brand, I want to speak on a brand that executes social responsibility. And the fact that SmartyPants understands that not everybody has the financial resources or access to vitamins so they help bridge that gap and pay it forward to help those communities, is wonderful.

Q. Do you have any of your own health tips or nutrition hacks to share?

A. I think the greatest lesson I’ve ever been taught about health is to keep it simple, and make it a habit. If you can do those two things, you’re ahead of the game. So, taking 10 vitamins in the morning and not really knowing if they’re working. Being like, well, I have to figure out how to workout, but I don’t really like working out, but I’ll try this, I’ll try that, and trying to overthink it. It becomes exhausting to be healthy which means you’re more likely than not, not going to do it. It becomes work. Whereas, if it’s a simple habit, you have an all-in-one vitamin you take that you trust that that does the job for you, done! You’ll do it every single day… Simple habits I think will make you healthy.


Posted on August 7, 2018

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