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Meet the Veggie-Packed Waffles for Picky Eaters

by Kelly Pfeiffer

Hi everyone! Kelly here, from Eat the Rainbow - Kids. I'm so excited to be sharing this Valentine's breakfast recipe with you (though it's delicious any time of year)!


Two kids plates, yellow and pink on blue table surrounded by cut out hearts. The plates have pink heart shaped waffles, kids gummies, yogurt and nuts.


I am alllllllll about eating the rainbow... one color at a time. I think eating full-on rainbow for every meal can feel really overwhelming and unrealistic for most parents. But, when we take a step back and look at it more holistically over a longer period of time (a week, or even throughout an entire month), you build in a lot of variety naturally by rotating through all the colors. 


Kelly Pfeiffer, a woman with long brown hair with a rainbow dress, holds a stack of rainbow plates and fruit piled on top. There are some fun colorful purple line doodles on a teal background. There is also text on the image encouraging kids to eat different colored foods.

Single color meals are visually beautiful and have helped me with adding variety to our meals.... which I know sounds counterintuitive since everything you see here is pink. But when you focus on a single color, you tend to buy things you haven't before. You shop at the grocery store with a different eye. And then when you switch to another color like YELLOW, you won't be buying beets or dragon fruit; you'll gravitate towards bananas and mango!
Pink and yellow kids plate on a pink background. The plates have SmartyPants Kids gummies, yogurt, dragonfruit and beet hear-shaped waffles.


For the plates above, I paired the beet waffles with a yogurt dipping sauce as an alternative to syrup, pomegranate cashews (for kids over 4 years old), a slice of dragon fruit, and SmartyPants Kids Formula . The yogurt adds a healthy fat and some good protein to the meal.

Beets can sometimes be hit or miss with little ones, so these waffles are a great way to introduce them to this gorgeous root veggie! Other delicious ways to try beets:

    Graphic that says "If at first they don't like beets, try them many different ways." The graphic has six squares showing different ways to incorporate beets. The ways are: soup, a dip, quesadillas, roasted beet slices, the waffles from this recipe, and a juice.


     All that yellow talk above was some good ol' fashioned foreshadowing (which I'm currently getting a refresher on with my daughter in homeschool) because... I also tested the waffles with golden beets! Golden beets are a little sweeter than regular red beets, and they look like sunshine. (Look at me with that simile!) Then, I plated the yellow waffles with other yellow foods: banana and freeze-dried mango. 

    If you are going to serve waffles or pancakes with syrup, I recommend putting it in a small dip bowl because I find the kiddos use waaaaaaaay less when they dip vs. pouring syrup all over the top.

     Yellow background with a banana, and yellow kids plate. On the plate is a cut up waffle, small cup with maple syrup, and cut up banana. Next to the plate are SmartyPants gummy vitamins.


    And of course, I always serve our SmartyPants vitamins with breakfast daily: the Kids Formula for Babycakes and the Women's ones for me. 

     Pink background with two kids plates, both pink. Next to the top plate is SmartyPants Women's Formula and next to the bottom plate is SmartyPants Kids Formula. On the plates are pink heart-shaped waffles, SmartyPants gummy vitamins, yogurt with dragonfruit slice, and cashews.

    Whip Up Beet Waffles:

    • 1 medium beet, peeled, then steamed
    • 1 cup oat milk (or milk of choice)
    • 5.3oz Silk strawberry oat milk yogurt (or yogurt of choice)
    • 1/4 cup granulated monkfruit (or sweetener of choice)  
    • 1 Tbsp avocado oil
    • 1 tsp vanilla
    • 2 cups all-purpose flour
    • 1 tsp baking powder
    • 1/2 tsp sea salt
    • 1 Tbsp ground flax

    * If you're making the golden beet waffles, just sub in golden beets + vanilla yogurt (instead of strawberry)

    In a high speed blender, combine the steamed beets, oat milk, and yogurt. Blend until smooth. Transfer to a medium mixing bowl, then add all other ingredients. Stir until combined.

    Heat your waffle iron per the manufacturer instructions. Lightly spray cooking spray onto iron and then add enough batter to the iron to make waffles.

    Every few waffles, be sure to respray your waffle iron as necessary. Once cooked, serve with more yogurt for dipping. Makes 8 – 10 four inch waffles.

    Want more color inspiration? Be sure to follow me over on Instagram: @eattherainbow_kids.

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