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An "Inappropriate" Conversation with Meredith Masony

by Laura Guzik-Cohn


An “Inappropriate” Conversation with Meredith Masony

by Laura Guzik-Cohn

SmartyPants recently sat down with Meredith Masony, the witty voice and person behind the blog That’s Inappropriate. She openly shares about life, marriage, motherhood, and her quest to be the best, most authentic person she can be. In this edition, you’ll discover why she started blogging, what attracted her to SmartyPants, and what can be found in her Netflix queue.

SmartyPants (SP): With three kids, a husband, and a very full schedule, what made you decide to start blogging?

Meredith Masony (MM): In 2014, I got sick. Really sick. We found a tumor in my chest and it crushed my esophagus. I was having a lot of health problems and by the time we found it, it had kind of broken through (my windpipe). So at that point, they couldn’t biopsy.

I had to wait about a month until I was told, “We’re not sure if this is cancer or not. If it’s cancer, there is a 5% survival rate for the type you would have.” At 34, with three kids, a husband, and a schnauzer, I was basically told, “We don’t know if we can fix you, what it will look like” and was given the gamut of “You could be eating out of a bag with a trach for the rest of your life or this could be fixable”.

I gained a lot of perspective in a very short amount of time in terms of what is important. I started to realize I had not done the things that I wanted to do in the 34 years I was on this planet. I knew, as morbid as it sounded, that if I died, I had had my children, which was part of my purpose. I loved them, I had given them all the love that I possibly could. I knew I married the person I was supposed to marry in my husband. Personally, on those levels it was kind of like “I’m okay if I have to go now because I’ve done all of this.”

The thing I was not okay with – what I had never done – was having a job I had been passionate about or loved. I had given up countless hours of time and energy and effort to the house and other things, that in the long term, didn’t really mean anything or make any difference. I hadn’t left any mark as a woman or as the person who I was on this planet.

So, when I woke up and they told me it was not cancer, that I was going to get another shot at this, and that they could fix me through a series of operation, I knew I had a second chance. I decided with that second chance I was going to make some changes. I was at a conference and this guy was talking about how he started a blog and how it was very therapeutic. I decided to start one because I needed to get my mind right. I needed some free therapy. I started my blog anonymously to tell other people the way I was feeling. 

SP: How do you feel your blog has changed since you started it?

MM: The first incarnation of my blog was anonymous. It was just me having these thoughts and feelings about motherhood and wifedom and work and the daily grind. I did that for about a year before I started telling people who I was. After about a year and a half, I decided there was a component missing from this blog. I said, “I think I have to shoot video because people are not connecting with me the way they would if they saw me”.

Of course I had no training in video. I didn’t own a camera. I had no idea how to edit –  I had never used editing software. I got this bright idea to buy a MacBook because it had a camera in it. I could shoot video of myself on this MacBook and edit the video with the editing software it comes with. That’s how I started.

Eventually, I did get a real camera and real editing software. Through YouTube tutorials and a lot of trial and error, I started shooting these videos. Once I added the videos on the blog in January of last year, I started to see more traction. The posts were getting out there more and I thought “Oh wow – people really like video. I just need figure out what they want to see, what I want to tell them, and the different types of videos I want to make”.

May of last year – almost to the day now –  I had my first viral video. Our community has now grown from 3,000 followers in May 2016 to 846,000 followers today.

SP: What attracted you to SmartyPants?

MM: I have three kids, we use vitamins, and they love the gummy kind. There are a bajillion vitamin products out there! I was looking at SmartyPants, but I didn’t understand why these are so much better than anything else on the market. I’m looking and reading and then, I actually did my homework – like most parents do when they are giving their child something.

I was like “Holy cow – these have everything!” You have all these different types of vitamins. You have the ones with fiber for my lactose intolerant kid who has tummy issues. And you have probiotics.

And, no lie, my kids come to me with the SmartyPants bottle in their hand every day when they come home from school and say, “Can we have our vitamins now?” They all come in, and I hand them to out, and it’s ridiculous how much they love them.

Then when I met (SmartyPants’ Social Media Manager) Mike, I was talking with him and I was like “It’s a great company, this is something I’d love to promote because our kids should be taking vitamins. You have so many different options.”

Then, of course, my husband and I got hooked on them, too! I’ve never seen my husband take a vitamin, ever. I would get them, they would expire, and then I’d throw them away. He takes his SmartyPants every day. I was like “This is insane.”

SP: What is currently in your Netflix queue?

MM: I am very excited for House of Cards. I will be binge watching that season when it comes out.  I think it comes out middle of this month or end of this month.

SP: May 30th.

MM: I physically can’t wait. I will be binging Orange is the New Black, and I’m not through yet, but I do watch a ton of Shameless. I love that show.

SP: What’s not to love?

SmartyPants LOVES Meredith and That’s Inappropriate. You can show her some love on Instagram @thats_inappropriate, on her YouTube channel, on Twitter @thatsinapropro, and on Facebook. We look forward to a long partnership with her and everything That’s Inappropriate.

Posted on June 1, 2017

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