Romance in a Box? Romeo Delivers!

by SmartyPants Staff


Romance in a Box? Romeo Delivers!

by Clay Nichols

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I know there must be guys out there in long-term relationships that still compose iambic pentameter sonnets for their beloved, bring home a dozen roses from work every day, and leave calligraphic thank-you notes scattered around the home in drifts. There exist dudes that carry a calendar of important dates in their heads, numbers of the maitre d’ at candlelit cafes on speed dial, and are trained foot-massage gurus.

But let’s get real.

For most long-term relationship guys, romance can be a challenge.

Take, Hypothetical Guy (let’s call him HG), for example. HG has been with his spouse for over 20 years, with 3 kids (two of them teenagers) and a busy career in marketing for a truly awesome company. HG has good intentions and loves his spouse, but that doesn’t always translate into jewels, chocolates, and scented candles.

HG may even wonder from time to time: Is there any way to outsource romance? Knowing of course that this is an oxymoron, at best.

Then one day a little box comes across HG’s desk. A subscription box, a cousin to Bulu, Runner or Birch, the boxes that he loves. But inside this particular box, there are no awesome samples or nutrition bars. This box is Romeo Delivers.

You laugh. The husband known only as HG may have laughed initially at the concept: subscription box meets date night? Romance pre-packaged for the harried husband or partner? Seriously?

Say what you will, these folks have certainly identified a legit pain point. But the little package
begs the question: can Brownie Points really come in a box?

There was only one way to find out, so our trusty HG put it to the test.

The Romeo Delivers box that HG was sent to test had two components.

Component 1) Four tiny sticky notes that each featured a tiny prompt for the Romeo to complete. “A wise owl told me…” or “I give you…” This encouraged HG to make the note personal — the handwritten effect being so crucial for successful romance.

Though HG may not have used it exactly for the intended purpose, he got good use out of this portion of the kit. Early one morning, as he was setting off for a multi-day business trip, he filled out the stickies — placing one on his bedroom door, and one on the bedroom door of each of his three kids.

When he returned from the trip, he asked his wife is she had noticed the notes — she smiled and told him that all the kids loved them had left them on up their doors. Sure enough. And he noticed his wife’s note was still up as well. A clear win for Romeo!

Component 2)  a small cardboard tube (okay, to be honest, it looked like a toilet paper roll) with a mailing label and postage alreadyromeo boxadhered to it. HG peeked at the contents, but couldn’t really figure out what was in the little cellophane sleeve inside without destroying it.

So he filled out the address and dropped the tube in the mail. Easy right? Except that his mailbox was too narrow to receive the tube, so he carried the thing around for about two weeks, even taking it on a business trip, before finding himself in the vicinity of a Post Office (I know, there’s an app for that). In which time, his wife almost certainly saw it multiple times

A couple of days later, (again on a business trip — Is it becoming clear why he may need this service?), HG called home to see if his wife had enjoyed her roll of TP. She was clearly charmed, and said it was sweet. Another win!

But there was a problem. HG didn’t really know what he had sent her. In order to write this review, he had to find out what was in the mystery tube. How possibly to ask without surrendering every single brownie point earned by the exercise in the first place? The original kit had contained a card with an illustration of the thing, but that was long gone.

Finally, in the name of science and the readers of this excellent blog, HG broke down and asked. His wife described the gift this way: it was a brightly colored piece of origami art with threads attached to either end. Pulling the threads unfolded the delicate paper revealing the message, “You pull on my heart strings.”

Before he could think, HG exclaimed, “That’s so sweet!” To which his wife responded, “That’s what I thought,” in a way that emphasized the past tense.

Still and all, HG is prone to say that Romeo Delivers indeed delivers. The kit encourages personalized expression, acts as a catalyst and a motivator and lowers the barrier to romance for the busy partner or husband. This kit is a brownie point making machine.

Posted on May 14, 2014

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