Table set, shot from above with SmartyPants Capsules, Women's 50+. The bottle is surrounded by flowers, mimosas, annd a bowl of fruit.


Simply Mom-umental: Throw an Easy and Elegant Mother's Day Brunch

by Kelly Pfeiffer

Hi everyone! Kelly here, from Eat the Rainbow - Kids again. As Mother’s Day approaches, it just felt right to do a fun photoshoot with both my mom and daughter: 3 generations! We have a lot in common (interests, favorite foods, love of color, mannerisms, detail-oriented tendencies, etc…) but we all need something different in our daily vitamins. Thankfully, SmartyPants has something for each of us.


Three women sit on a couch, a grandmother, mother and young daughter. They all hold SmartyPants Vitamins products, capsules for mom and grandmother, and Kids Formula for the daughter.

Photos by Rebecca Durigan


Today I’ll be sharing my tips on hosting a simple, but elegant Mother’s Day brunch! It’s easy for your spouse/kids to prepare without you, or easy enough for you to do yourself but not feel stressed. It’s a #winwin either way!


A table set, shot from above. On the table are flower bouquets, breakfast plates with bagels and fruit, and SmartyPants Vitamins vitamins. We see the hands of the grandmother, mother and daughter.


The key to making everything super elegant (but simple): edible flowers! You can often find them at your local farmer’s markets, or online.

I added the edible blooms to ice cubes for the mimosas, as well as adorning the bagel and table setting. I bought baby pink begonias (surprisingly citrus-y), hibiscus (sooooooo pretty + sweet), and micro marigolds (these were a bit more bitter --- they were fine in the ice cubes and would be good on salads too). 


Table set, shot from above. The table is set with flowers and breakfast plates with bagels and fruit. We see two women's had cheers-ing with mimosas in mason jars, with flower petals in the mimosas.


For the mimosas, I used Natalies’ fresh squeezed OJ + Friexenet Cava Brut, but you could also use a Dry Prosecco. (Either is around $10 – 12 a bottle).

To make the ice cubes, just place a few edible blooms into each part of the ice tray, then cover with filtered water. Freeze for 4 – 6 hours, or overnight.


Purple ice cube tray, filled with water and edible flowers.


Full brunch menu:

  1. Edible Bloom ice cubes in mimosas
  2. Bagel with Curcumin-dyed vegan cream cheese (color is optional, but fun!)
  3. Melon balls: cantaloupe and watermelon
  4. Pomegranate Vanilla cashews
  5. SmartyPants Vitamins
  6. Edible Hibiscus blooms 

To further tie into the blooms theme this Mother’s Day, I am giving my mom an annual membership to the Denver Botanic Gardens!  I so look forward to spending more time with her, after being apart for almost a year. Isn’t she beautiful?! 50+ and radiating.


View of grandmother in printed blouse, sitting behind a vase of flowers, and cheers-ing her drink with mother and daughter's hands.


And evidently I love this color combo, because my last guest post for SmartyPants (all about beets) had a very similar color scheme!

Six by six grid showing different ways to prepare beets, from soup to waffles and juices. The title read "if at first they don't like beets, try preparing them many different ways."

Want more color inspiration and easy kid food ideas? Be sure to follow me over on Instagram: @eattherainbow_kids.

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