Travel Wellness Blunders (and Bonuses)

by SmartyPants Staff

How did I become convinced that calories don’t count when I’m in a different time zone? What is it about clocking three hours in seat 17D at 30,000 feet that makes me think I deserve a multi-day break from my exercise routine?

There doesn’t seem to be any inherent reason why healthy habits fly out the airplane window (or down the aisle, based on your seating preference), yet they often do.

The big pitfalls for me when traveling for business are:

Blunder #1 — All Free Food Must Be Consumed, Also Buffets

At home, I usually eat a moderate breakfast — some Greek Yogurt with fruit and Chia seeds, or a smoothie and a Thunderbird Energetica bar. But on the road, it seems like every chain hotel offers a breakfast buffet, sometimes for free.

These kill me.

Eggs. Bacon. English muffin with peanut butter and honey. And that’s just the first time through. I have to get value for my dollar! And, ideally, put a dent in hotel’s bottom line.

I also feel compelled to take full advantage of all free work-related food opportunities. Lunch meeting? You bet. Dinners paid for by the boss or a vendor must be maximized. And almost every time I go out to a business dinner, there are things on the menu that we would never eat at home. Mostly because these are not good choices. But I argue to myself — I would never have this at home, so I should have it now.

The Porterhouse. The cream sauce. Pass the bread basket, please.

And it’s all free, right? Except for the part where I pay for it later.

Blunder #2 — TV Puts Me Right to Sleep Not at All

There’s a really, really good reason my wife and I don’t have a TV in the bedroom. Simply put, I have no TV off switch. No self-restraint whatsoever in this department.

In hotels, this is a bit of a problem. I’ve asked for rooms without TVs. The nice person at the desk usually looks at me with kindly concern and suggests I just leave it turned off.

Which I try to do. I really do. But before you know it, “just a few minutes of Kimmel” turns into an all night Jason Bourne marathon.


In my own defense there are also a couple of tricks I have found to keep myself on track when on the road. They at least partially counter the effects of my blunders.

Bonus #1 — Endomondo

At home, I’m a dedicated runner. It’s a favorite part of my daily routine. But I dread treadmills, and hotel gyms make me sad. There is just something wrong with running in place while watching cooking shows.

Running when traveling has some inherent risks (especially for women) — strange places can lead to getting lost or stranded in unfamiliar areas. But there is also no better way to take in a new town than a run or walk.

The application and website Endomondo has turned running into one of my favorite parts of business travel. Endomondo makes finding popular and scenic routes to walk or run extremely easy. In most areas there are routes of varying distances available. The site and app are intuitive to use. There are both free and premium versions available.

My favorite part of using the app? Walking past the crowded hotel gym on the way out the door.

Bonus #2 — SmartyPants On The Go

When the pastries hit the conference table, I lunge into my bag to get a packet of SmartyPants On-the-Go. Not only do I feel virtuous and know I’m doing something good for me, but I also feel rewarded at the same time.


The On-the-Go packets offer the same delicious and nutrient dense gummies that we love, but in a convenient single serving packet that is perfect for travel. I can recover from my Endomondo guided jog (and the steak the night before) with the SmartyPants combination of multivitamin, Omegas and Vitamin D.

The best thing about SmartyPants On-The-Go — no packing bags of a variety of supplements. I just grab a handful on On-The-Go Packets, drop them in my carry-on, and I’m ready to roll. At least that part of business travel is completely hassle-free.

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Posted on March 5, 2014

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