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Are SmartyPants Vitamins soy-free?

How much lutein and zeaxanthin should I get per day? What foods are they found in?

How much lutein is in SmartyPants supplements?

What’s the big deal with lutein and zeaxanthin? Why are they important?

What’s the difference between Lo Han Fruit and Monk Fruit extract?

Your Certificate of Compliance shows that there are heavy metals in your products. Should I be concerned?

Why do SmartyPants supplements only include two strains of probiotics?

Your probiotics include soil-based organisms (SBOs). How do I know they’re safe and effective?

What is a PRO-biotic? What is a PRE-biotic?

How can SmartyPants supplements be free of fish allergens if they include fish oil?

Do SmartyPants Vitamins contain nuts? What does free of tree nut allergens mean?

Why don’t you include magnesium in your vitamin supplements?

Why is the fish oil at SmartyPants only sourced from small fish? How is that more eco-friendly?

Why do SmartyPants supplements use sugar?

How did you pick which nutrients to include in your products?

What’s the difference between fat soluble vs water soluble vitamins?

Where do the ingredients come from in SmartyPants vitamins?

What’s the difference between cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin? Which is the better form of vitamin B12?

I’m worried about mercury and other toxins in your fish oil. How can I be sure the fish oil in SmartyPants is safe?

Why are your vitamin B12 levels set where they are?

Is Too Much Vitamin A Dangerous?

Why Don’t All SmartyPants Contain Iron?

Is SmartyPants Safe for People with Allergies? What Do You Mean by Allergen-Free?

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