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How do your promo codes work?

When should my little one switch from SmartyPants Toddler Formula to SmartyPants Kids Formula gummies?

Are SmartyPants gummy vitamins Organic?

What Makes SmartyPants different from other vitamins?

Why do I need to take so many gummies? The recommended dose seems high.

Are SmartyPants supplements vegetarian?

SmartyPants seems expensive compared to other products. Why?

Does SmartyPants make health supplements for dogs?

Why not make a sugar-free product?

Why do you use sugar?

What’s the difference between Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin? Which is the better form of vitamin B12?

Why don’t all SmartyPants contain iron?

How can I be sure your labels are accurate?

Do we really need a multivitamin?

Is SmartyPants safe for people with allergies?

How can I be sure SmartyPants are safe?

Can my 2-year old (or younger) take SmartyPants?

Where does your gelatin come from?

Are SmartyPants Vitamin supplements certified by the Clean Label Project ™ ?

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