PhD Capsules

Your SmartyPants PhD capsule supplements contain green tea and coffea arabica? Is there caffeine in it?

Why do the directions for your SmartyPants PhD capsule supplements say to take them on an empty stomach for the best experience?

Is it ok to take SmartyPants PhD capsule multivitamin supplements with food?

For pregnant women experiencing nausea, is it ok to take your SmartyPants PhD Prenatal capsules with food?

Are SmartyPants PhD capsule multivitamin supplements Kosher?

Are SmartyPants PhD capsule vitamin supplements vegetarian? Vegan?

Are SmartyPants PhD capsule supplements safe to take for people with allergies?

Is it okay to combine SmartyPants PhD capsule multivitamins with other SPV products?

How do you choose the nutrient levels in your SmartyPants PhD capsule supplements?

How big are the capsules? How many do I have to take?

Is there Iron in SmartyPants PhD capsule Formulas?

How are SmartyPants PhD Formulas different from competitors?

How well are your products absorbed?

What ages are your PhD capsule supplements for?

Are SmartyPants PhD Formulas food based?

Do I need to discontinue use prior to surgery?

Where does the omega-3 DHA in SmartyPants PhD capsule supplements come from? Why was this chosen?

Do SmartyPants PhD 50+ Formulas include the same nutrients as those found in our SmartyPants Masters gummy formulas?

Do SmartyPants PhD 50+ Formulas include Lutein and Zeaxanthin in same amounts as SmartyPants Masters gummy formulas?

Do SmartyPants PhD 50+ Formulas contain nutrients specifically focused on over 50 needs? How?

How do SmartyPants PhD 50+ Formulas differ from PhD Women's and PhD Men's formulas?

Are there nutrients in SmartyPants PhD Women's 50+ capsule that will help with my menopausal symptoms (or specific concerns for over 50 women)?

Are SmartyPants PhD 50+ capsules sublingual formulas?

What is the Spectra Whole Food Antioxidant blend. How will this be helpful to me?

How should I store my SmartyPants PhD Formula capsules?

My PhD Capsules have gotten darker. Is this normal?


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