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Baby Multi

How does this formula differ from Toddler? For what ages is this formula intended?

How do I administer this formula? What time of the day do I give this formula? I am still breastfeeding - will this interfere with this formula?

Are there Pediatricians or Doctors behind this formulation? Are there clinical studies?

What if I gave my baby more than the recommended dosage? What if my other child just consumed a whole bottle of gummies?

How do I store this formula? Does it need to be refrigerated?

What are the natural colors and natural flavors in this formula? My child is allergic to strawberry, soy, kiwi and/or corn. Is this ok?

What makes SmartyPants baby products different from other multivitamins?

How was this product formulated? How did you determine which nutrients and the amounts to include?

Is this supplement safe for children with allergies?

Is your Baby Multi & DHA clean label certified? Has this been tested for heavy metals? What is testing process?

Is your Baby Multi & DHA eco friendly? How are they manufactured and tested?

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From the ingredient selection process to how we manufacture our products, we have stringent testing methods in places to ensure the safety, quality and purity of our products.

With our Baby Multi & DHA the raw materials (ingredients) are tested by the manufacturer and must pass strict Quality Control (QC) testing. From there, the raw materials are then mixed to make the bulk liquid, with a series of in-process checks and testing procedures along the way.

Then, the liquid is poured into our mess-free bottles and sent for additional third-party QC testing to verify our label claims and that every batch meets stringent quality specifications for microbiological, heavy metals, gluten, residual solvents and pesticides.

We publish those results as Certificates of Compliance (CoCs). You can use the batch number on the bottom of your bottle to look up those results here (link to COC page). So you can always be sure that what’s in the bottle is exactly what’s on the label.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. In addition to our CoCs, this supplement earned the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award, the highest overall rating for product purity and value.

Does this supplement include a syringe? How do I use it?

Is Monk Fruit the same as Lohan fruit?

Why doesn't your formula contain iron or calcium?

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