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From the start, SmartyPants Vitamins has been about family, authenticity and a core commitment to our collective well-being.

“We saw an opportunity to help us all be a bit healthier, to help our fellow humans—be they employees, customers, partners, investors or grant recipients—and to have a lot of fun along the way. That way we all profit.”


Courtney & Gordon
CoFounders & CoCEOs of SmartyPants Vitamins


The Good Gummy

At SmartyPants, we’re all about simplifying health. Our gummy obsession started because we believed that the very best vitamins are all in one: premium ingredients delivered in a delicious package and sold at a fair price. We combine nutrients like omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acids and vitamin D3 with a full multivitamin to save you money, time, and peace of mind.

The people we care most about take these gummies, so we wake up every day trying to make them better and better. That’s why all SmartyPants are non-GMO, allergen-free, and made with eco-friendly ingredients. They contain no synthetic colors or artificial flavors or sweeteners, and each batch is third-party lab tested for purity and potency.

Our goal, good health for the real world. All of it.

Get Health. Give Health.

1•for•1 Vitamin Grants to Children in Need

When the idea for SmartyPants emerged, we were the most excited about the opportunity to create a one for one grant in the area of micronutrients. We knew that clean water, combined with micronutrients, could prevent almost 80% of childhood mortality worldwide. After some research, we met with an organization that seemed to have a drive and spirit that matched our own: Vitamin Angels.


For every bottle of SmartyPants sold, we make a 1•for•1 nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels. SmartyPants has made over 10.2 million nutrient grants to moms and children in need.


About Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit that helps at-risk populations – specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five – gain access to life-changing vitamins and minerals. We’re proud to help make a difference with Vitamin Angels by making a nutrient grant for every bottle we sell. We could not have done it without you.

Our Impact


Nutrient Grants Made


Our New Goal


Countries Our Donations Have Helped

Our Partnership In Action

SmartyPants is also Proud to Support


Turn the Tide Foundation helps to combat obesity by developing, evaluating, and disseminating creative programs.


charity: water is a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

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We are proud of how we make our gummies, and we’re proud of our efforts to keep getting better.

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