How does the formula compare to other SmartyPants formulas?

Why do I need to take these without food?

Is it ok to take these with food?

For pregnant women experiencing nausea, is it ok to take with food?

Is this product Kosher?

Is this product vegetarian? Vegan?

What does “allergen free” mean?

Is it okay to combine this formula with other SPV products?

How do you choose the nutrient levels in your formulas?

How big are the capsules? How many do I have to take?

Is there Iron in SmartyPants PhD Pill? Why?

How is SmartyPants PhD different from competitors?

How well are your products absorbed?

Where are your ingredients sourced?

Are there nuts in your facility?

What ages are this product for?

Are SmartyPants PhD food based?

Why are SmartyPants products more expensive than other brands?

Do I need to discontinue use prior to surgery?

Where does your omega-3 come from? Why was this chosen?




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