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What does our SAB board do?

When we started SmartyPants, we wanted to create the best product that we could, and we knew we couldn’t do it alone. So we turned to well-known experts in the field of nutrition and wellness, and created our Scientific Advisory Board: a team of three of the brightest minds in preventative health.

The hand-picked leaders that make up our Scientific Advisory Board are drawn from a variety of fields, with expertise that ranges from antioxidant research to fitness, obesity, nutrient deficiencies, and everyday health and wellness. They act like our North Star, providing us with the latest information, and helping guide our decisions.

We develop the SmartyPants formulas –
they help make them great.

And these aren’t just pretty faces. Our Scientific Advisory Board is continually helping us as we review and revise current products, and come up with new ones.

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We are proud of how we make our gummies, and we’re proud of our efforts to keep getting better.

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