What Makes Teen Complete Different?

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How Are Teen Guy and Teen Girl Complete Different?

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SmartyPants Teen Guy Complete and Teen Girl Complete differ in two major ways – the amount of zinc and biotin in each product and the inclusion of vitamin K as K2 (MK7) in our Teen Girl Complete.

Our Teen Guy Complete and Teen Girl Complete contain different levels of zinc and biotin. See the chart below for a comparison.

Teen Guy Complete Teen Girl Complete

Zinc 11 mg (100% DV) 7.3 mg (67% DV)

Biotin 30 mcg (100% DV) 60 mcg (200% DV)

Our Teen Girl Complete also contains 24 mcg or 20% DV of vitamin K2 as premium MK7, the form of K2 that lasts the longest in the blood stream. Vitamin K2 is not included in our Teen Guy Complete.

Each SmartyPants formula is carefully customized to match the specific nutritional demands of our target demographic. We consider a wide range of conditions when crafting each product – including the age and sex of the intended user, the average intake of the nutrient in the Western diet, the latest recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), and the latest science and advice from leading nutritional experts, all with consideration to cost.

That being said, our Teen Complete products are similar in many ways – both contain FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP Natural Zeaxanthin at the dose and ratio recommended by experts and backed by science and omega 3 fish oil as premium EPA and DHA fatty acids.

Additionally, both products include at least 18 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D, and E, all 8 major B vitamins, and 6 essential minerals. Neither products contain iron, as they are the leading cause of supplemental overdose and we didn’t feel it would be responsible to include it in a product that tasted so good.

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