Available exclusively at Walmart, SmartyPants Select Multis are designed with the most premium ingredients in their most effective forms to provide you with good health at a great price. SmartyPants Select Multis at Walmart deliver all the main nutrients you need to support whole body health.*


  • Premium Ingredients

    Premium Ingredients

    Specially formulated using the latest scientific research in the premium forms your body prefers.

  • Multifunctional Formulas

    Multifunctional Formulas

    Designed to support whole body health*—all in one easy serving.

  • Filling Your Nutritional Gaps

    Filling Your Nutritional Gaps

    Meal plan get covered in chocolate (again)? We're here to help fill those nutritional gaps.

  • Great Taste

    Great Taste

    Made with natural flavors customers love. No synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. EVER.



We use all-natural flavors derived from sources like spices, fruits, vegetables and herbs to make our gummies extra yummy.

SmartyPants Vitamins


From toddler to mom and everyone in between.



From the start, SmartyPants Vitamins has been about family, authenticity and core commitment to our collective well-being.

We're on a mission to make being healthy a little easier by delivering comprehensive supplements that support whole body health*—all in one easy serving. Because that's the smarter way to healthier.



  • Why did you decide to make the Multi line exclusively for Walmart? What makes it different from your other multivitamins?

    These custom supplements, made exclusively for our Walmart customers, exemplify our commitment to using only the most premium ingredients and efficacious forms, in a multifunctional all-in-one format, that taste delicious. We offer all that at a budget-friendly price that makes good health more available to all nationwide. As with all our formulas, the ingredients are the superstars. Each formula is designed with specific demographic nutritional needs in mind—filling the most common nutritional gaps with the forms of nutrients scientifically shown to be the most effective. We understand how busy the lives of our consumers are, so we make our solutions simple to use and delightful to take. All without compromise. Our "Multi" line contains the same great, base multivitamin formula as our "Formula" multivitamins. The only major difference is the removal of the omega-3s from fish oil, the removal of CoQ10 in Women's, and the removal of lutein & zeaxanthin from Teen Guy and Teen Girl. With the removal of these nutrients, our Multi features the same great base multivitamin with the premium forms of the nutrients, at a lower price point for budget-minded consumers.

  • What is the sugar content and sweetener source for the Multi Walmart exclusive line?

    We use organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup to sweeten our Kids Multi vitamin gummies. We never put fake fillers like artificial sweeteners or bulking agents into our products.

  • How was the Multi Walmart exclusive line formulated + How did you determine which nutrients and the amounts to include ?

    Our supplements are designed to address the specific nutritional gaps for the product's intended user. We take into consideration the average diet for the group, the latest recommendations from the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies (formerly the Institute of Medicine), and the latest science and advice from leading nutritional experts when we formulate each of our products. Furthermore, each formula is rigorously reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board, which include some of the leading minds in preventative health. You can be sure that every bottle of SmartyPants has been carefully crafted and thoughtfully tailored just for you. Rather than simply include each nutrient at 100% of the RDI, we take a different approach—we focus on the nutrients that are the hardest to get from diet alone, and we include each nutrient at very specific amounts, based on a combination of factors, including the RDI, the form of the nutrient and recommendations from experts in the field of wellness.

  • Are the Multi Walmart exclusive vitamins Clean Label Certified? What is the testing process? Are they free of heavy metals?

    Yes! SmartyPants supplements were randomly selected for testing and awarded the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award and Clean Label Certifications for all of our supplements! We’re excited to receive this recognition, as it shows our strong commitment to product safety and our focus on providing clean health for you and your family. Clean Label Project’s Purity Award and Clean Label Certifications are the highest overall rating for product purity and value, and lets you know that all SmartyPants supplements not only comply with, but exceed the strictest standards for contaminants, chemicals and other unwanted additives. They’re also made without any synthetic colors, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners and are free of the eight major allergens: including milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, wheat, peanuts, fish allergens and tree nut allergens. SmartyPants supplements are non-GMO and manufactured in c-GMP compliant facilities, meaning we adhere to stringent FDA requirements and the highest standards for supplement manufacturing in the industry today.

  • Does your new Multi Walmart exclusive line contain gelatin? Are they Kosher Certified? Are they Halal Certified?

    Since our new Multi line does not contain omega-3s from fish oil, they are gelatin-free! These gummies are pectin based (from apple and citrus fruit). They are non-GMO and free of synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners and flavors. They are not Kosher or Halal Certified. While they do not contain gelatin, they may have been manufactured in facilities where animal products like gelatin may be present.