Probiotics for Kids

Supporting a child’s growth – physical, mental, emotional – is probably one of the highest priorities for parents, while there are many ways to make that happen, a good start would be to helping them maintain a healthy digestive system. The beneficial live bacteria known as probiotics are the keys to doing so, because they play a significant role in promoting healthy digestion and boosting the immune system.

So, are kids daily probiotic gummies a good idea? In many cases, yes. SmartyPants Kids Pre and Probiotic Gummies support digestive health and enhance the immune systems of children ages 3 and older (there’s also a special formula for babies and toddlers).* By combining the power of prebiotics and probiotics for kids, these gummies are tasty (Strawberry Crème with other natural flavors, yum!), they’re super easy to chew. So, whether you’re seeking probiotic gummies for kids or any other children vitamins, SmartyPants is looking out for you.

Gut Check: What Are Probiotics?

When it comes to bacteria, it’s not all bad news. There is such a thing as good bacteria: it’s the microorganism group known as probiotics. Simply put, they work to eliminate bad bacteria by maintaining the proper balance in your gut. Regular consumption of probiotics can keep everything in check by helping you digest meals, help your immune system, and maintain a healthy gut. In short: a balance of good bacteria that lives in your gut is the goal and SmartyPants Pre and Probiotic Gummies can help your child reach it.*

Benefits of Probiotics for Kids

Gut Health for Kids

When the digestive system is in balance, you just feel better, and that goes for kids, too. Probiotics help children’s gut health by assisting in digestion. They also help support normal microflora, or the bacterial balance, in your gut. That’s the power of good bacteria in the gut.

Immune System Support

Keeping kids healthy can be a challenge. Your child’s overall health often depends on a robust immune system, and that starts with probiotic supplements and vitamins for kids’ immune systems.

Should I Give My Kids Probiotic Gummies?

Should a child take probiotics? Quite possibly. Either way, it’s always a good idea to discuss supplementation with your child’s pediatrician.

When used properly and under the supervision of a doctor, probiotics can help normal digestion  Keep in mind probiotics are found in nature, so if your child is OK with products such as yogurt or kefir, they will likely do fine with a probiotic supplement.