A full immunity support system that works for your body from dawn to dusk


Meet the perfect pairing to your nutrient routine: our new line immunity support for adults and kids. Healthy* Immunity formulas are designed to work for your body when you need it the most: 24/7/365. Featuring clinically proven prebiotic Beta-Glucan (M-Gard®) to enhance the immune system and promote the growth of probiotic bacteria. With powerhouse immunity vitamins D3, C and zinc for comprehensive immune support.*



Find the best of both worlds in our Healthy* Immunity formulas.

  • Vitamin C and D3

    Vitamin C and D3

    Premium forms of vitamin C and vitamin D as D3 work to support your immune system when you need it most.*

  • Zinc


    We’re zincing of you with this essential mineral! Zinc plays an important part in hundreds of vital reactions and supports normal immune function.*

  • Prebiotic


    A special spotlight for Beta-Glucan (M-Gard®)! This prebiotic is clinically proven to enhance the immune system.*

  • Elderberry


    This flowering plant has black or blue-black berries and gives our gummies their delicious flavor!




  • What’s the recommended dosage? What if I took/gave more than the recommended dosage?

    Healthy* Kids Immunity : Children four years or older take two gummies daily.Healthy* Immunity Daytime: Adults eighteen years or older take two gummies daily.Healthy* Immunity Nighttime: Adults eighteen years or older take two gummies daily. Best enjoyed 30-60 minutes before bedtime for a good night's rest. All gummies can be taken with or without food.
    We have thoroughly researched upper limit tolerances for each of our ingredients with our Scientific Advisory Board and want to assure you that the ingredients and amounts in our SmartyPants formulas are safe.
    However, we do not advise that you take more than the recommended serving size, especially if you are taking other supplements. Since Healthy* Immunity Nighttime contains melatonin, we ask that you use only as directed. We also ask that you do not combine with any medications/drugs or supplements that can induce sleep or drowsiness, or that contain melatonin. Be sure to avoid driving, operating heavy machinery, and consuming alcohol while taking this product. If you're concerned and need immediate medical advice, please contact the American Association of Poison Control Centers at 800-222-1222.

  • How do I store these formulas?

    SmartyPants are best enjoyed when stored in a cool, dry place.

  • Are these formulas vegetarian or vegan?

    SmartyPants Healthy*Kids Immunity, Healthy * Immunity Daytime, and Healthy* Immunity Nighttime formulas are all vegetarian.

  • Are these formulas organic?

    SmartyPants Healthy* Kids Immunity, Healthy* Immunity Daytime, and Healthy* Immunity Nighttime formulas are not USDA Certified Organic.

  • Are the ingredients synthetic or food-based?

    We use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients—always the premium forms your body prefers and can more readily use, whenever possible—and sometimes this means using a synthetic form of the nutrient. We third party lab test every batch for purity and potency, because the safety and peace of mind of you and your family is our top priority.