The Benefits of Children's Vitamins

When you look at the supermarket shelves, there’s no shortage of children’s multivitamins to choose from. But while the selection may be wide, it’s not very deep – most of them fall a bit short when it comes to ingredients that support the immune system, bone health, energy metabolism, and healthy growth.

Let’s be honest about why vitamins are so critical for growing children: little ones can be picky eaters, meaning they don’t always get the vitamins and minerals they need to build robust immune systems in their developing years. Even when they do eat what you’d like them to, they may not be absorbing the right mix of nutrients.

Enter SmartyPants: one of the only gummy vitamin products to include zinc, Omega-3s, vitamin D, probiotics and more in a product that’s certified by Clean Label Project® for the Purity Award. When combined with a balanced diet, SmartyPants ensures children receive essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals so they can grow up stronger and healthier.

Benefits of Vitamins For Kids

What can a good multivitamin do for your children? Lots, it turns out. Here are a few of the top benefits of vitamins for kids.

Some B-vitamins are critical in helping the body convert carbohydrates into energy. Without enough of these, like vitamin B2 – aka Riboflavin — it’s difficult for this to happen. In fact, we include several of the B complex vitamins (including vitamin B12, riboflavin, biotin) in our gummies to help ensure you — and your children — get adequate levels of these nutrients.

Digestive Health: When we talk about digestive health, the conversation inevitably turns to probiotics, which are bacteria that help support the balance of your child’s digestive system (and yours, for that matter!). By helping maintain a healthy gut flora, the probiotics in SmartyPants probiotic gummies for kids strengthen the gut's immune response by supporting the production of antibodies and enhancing the function of immune cells. Related: Should a Child Take Probiotics?

Immune Systems: It’s important to help support your littles’ immune systems so they can take on the world. Specially formulated for developing children, SmartyPants’ vitamins for kids immune system contain a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support good health and well-being.

Clean Eating: Getting kids to eat the proper nutrients at the right amounts is a monumental task. While it’s not downright impossible for a child’s diet to be 100 percent spot-on, things can be made a lot easier when you supplement their meals and snacks with multivitamins to help fill in the gaps. Learn more about clean eating for kids and selecting vitamins for picky eaters.

Bone Growth: Every stage of growth and development in your child’s life is unique. That’s why vitamins for bones are important to include alongside a healthy diet. SmartyPants’ Kids Formula gummies carefully include Vitamin K for bone health*.

Best Vitamins for Kids

Science tells us a lot about which multivitamins are best for kids, but your pediatrician can tell you which nutrients are most important for your child. Always check with them before starting a new vitamin routine.


You may be familiar with Omega-3 fatty acids, but did you know there are two that are especially vital to growing children? EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which we source from sustainable stock of wild-caught small fish.   With Omega-3s typically found in fatty fish and nuts, it can be tricky to get children to get enough of these fatty acids. SmartyPants’ gummies are among the only ones available that contain both multivitamins and Omega-3s in a single, easy-to-chew product.

Vitamin D

Why vitamin D for kids? Because it’s a powerhouse when it comes to supporting bodily functions in children. It supports their immune systems and can help build stronger bones and teeth. It’s also great for those living in areas with little sunlight in winter when the body doesn’t produce enough vitamin D3. Proper intake of vitamin D is critical to the overall well-being of developing children.  SmartyPants uses a premium form of vitamin D, which is the body’s preferred form of the supplement.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a well-deserved reputation as an immune system superstar, and it’s just as true for children as it is for adults. Combined with a proper intake of fruits and vegetables, vitamin C can help your child remain healthy all year-round.

Read our blog to learn how much vitamin C kids should take.


Zinc, which is found naturally in meats, beans and grains, is an important addition to the diet of growing children. So, can kids take zinc supplements? Absolutely. Much like its vitamin counterpart in vitamin C, zinc is an essential mineral that’s also great in supporting immune system health.  Learn more about zinc for kids.


Whether your kid willingly reaches for fruits and vegetables, is a picky eater and insists on only eating beige foods or eats a good mix of both, SmartyPants makes formulas that will fill in nutritional gaps. Delicious and easy to take, SmartyPants gummy vitamins are the perfect multivitamin for kids.