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For prostate health

How much do I need?

There is currently no dietary recommended intake (DRI) for lycopene established by the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academy of Sciences (formerly known as the Institute of Medicine). However, the latest studies and science suggest that daily intake can be beneficial.

Why we include it

Lycopene is a plant nutrient and the bright red carotenoid hydrocarbon found in many red fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, watermelons and grapefruit. Lycopene has been found to have many health benefits. We include it in our Men’s Formula to support prostate health.*

Where can I get it?

Lycopene is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. In general, natural foods with a vibrant pink to red color usually contain this important nutrient.

Here are some foods to eat for lycopene:

  • 3.5 oz guava – 5 mg
  • 3.5 oz watermelon – 4.5 mg
  • 3.5 oz tomatoes (cooked) – 3 mg
  • 3.5 oz papaya – 1.8 mg
  • 3.5 oz grapefruit – 1 mg
  • 3.5 oz sweet red peppers (cooked) – 0.5 mg

We recommend you seek the advice of your pediatrician or primary care provider before making changes to you or your child’s nutrient intake.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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